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20-25% Off Folding Knife Classes

Knife students new and old save on February’s featured classes

Save 25% if you take both Defensive Folding Knife I and Defensive Folding Knife II, February 27-March 1. Previous DFK I students save 20% on DFK II.*

DFK I teaches you how to use a Spyderco-style pocketknife as a superb standalone self defense tool and an excellent companion to firearms, pepper spray, and other defensive tools in your family’s layered personal protection plan. Most small pocketknives can be carried in any State and in most foreign countries. If you can’t have your handgun, have your knife!

Then, in DFK II, learn how to counter multiple attackers, armed opponents, and fights on the ground. This class only comes around every other year. Save 25% if you sign up for both DFK I and DFK II, 2/27-3/1. Students who have already taken DFK I can save 20% on DFK II. Register today at

*20-25% discount cannot be combined with any other specials or discounts. To register, call 425.827.2552 or 888.958.0884.

And get ready for Close Quarters Confrontations, March 6-8

CQC is another class that we only offer every other year. You will learn a full unarmed combat system and an integrated firearms combat system so that you can respond with the right answer quickly in a close distance situation. This action-packed 3-day class runs March 6-8. The only prerequisite is General Defensive Handgun. Learn more and register at

Caleb Giddings on Defensive Folding Knife at InSights Traning Center

Check out the article about our Defensive Folding Knife classes posted the other day on Gun Nuts Media. Click here to read more »

Strike, Cut, Escape

“I carry a gun so I don’t have to get in knife fights.” Anyone who’s been around the self-defense industry for any length of time has probably heard someone say that.  In fact, I’ve been guilty of saying it once or twice myself.  The problem with that statement is that even as concealed carry expands across the nation, there are plenty of places where an armed citizen still cannot carry their firearm.  Post offices, schools, bars (in certain states), and of course many people are barred from carrying firearms in their place of employment.

Spyderco Native

Spyderco Native - pink

Enter the humble pocket knife.  The Spyderco Native pictured wouldn’t raise many eyebrows, whether it was pink or black, it’s just something that you can carry around in your pocket to open boxes with, cut an apple, or take a thread off a shirt with.  Most small knives are so innocuous that the majority of the population doesn’t think it’s odd when a person carries one, because it’s just a useful tool for everyday life.

What many people don’t realize though, is that with the right practice it’s also a serious self-defense tool when your gun is unavailable.  This past weekend, I took InSight’s Defensive Folding Knife 1 class, which focuses on using the common folding knife as a life-saving tool.  This isn’t a knife fighting class, but in the words of the instructor David Roberts it is an “anti-grappling class”.  The focus of the class wasn’t about trading cuts in a knife fight – instead it took a look at realistic self-defense situations that the average person could find themselves in. Click here to read more »

The InSights Training Center / Blade-Tech PH Lite

The InSights Training Center “PH Lite” folding knife manufactured by Blade-Tech Industries is a smaller version of our US Made PH Magnum Knife. It is a high quality economically priced field knife made to our exact specifications. Perfect  for use as an everyday companion.

The Blade-Tech “Professional Hunter Magnum” was designed to be a one knife workhorse for the skilled outdoor professional who demands the very best. A knife that will do any chore a backcountry hunter asks of it and still keep its’ edge even on the worlds’ largest game, such as elk, moose or bear. It has been field tested and proven again and again by Professional Hunters and Guides worldwide from North America to Africa. Click here to read more »