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Sometimes we need three days to do justice to a topic. And we want to reward you for fitting those classes into your schedule. Sign up for two or more 3-day classes and we’ll give you 15% off each one! These classes won’t be back until 2018, so check your calendar and give us a call.

General Defensive Rifle teaches individual tactics and the use of the rifle in close range, high speed, defensive scenarios. You will learn rapid assumption of various shooting positions to maximize the use of cover and concealment and to provide for a more stable firing platform. There’s even a full night-fire/low-light session. GDR is June 16-18 and September 15-17.

Intensive Handgun Skills is a “shooters” course with maximum range time. The course stresses accuracy and speed but not speed at the expense of accuracy. This is a perfect course for shooters who want to maximize their use of the handgun for self-defense or competitive shooters who could use fine-tuning of their technique. After this course you will be shooting faster and with a greater degree of accuracy than ever before. IHS is July 14-16.

Street and Vehicle Tactics will give you the ability to recognize, avoid, and if necessary WIN a violent street encounter. This course deals with self-defense while at work, in your automobile, when traveling, and while in public settings (like restaurants, shopping malls, and theaters). More than half the course will deal with situations in and around your car. Many courses teach you how to shoot. Our tactics courses teach you how to not have to shoot – and how to win if shooting is required. SVT is July 21-23.

Intermediate Defensive Handgun will teach you to reflexively employ your handgun and to put fight stopping hits on your opponent regardless of the tactical environment, position, or injury you find yourself with. Movement and verbal commands will be stressed throughout the course. Build on the foundation you started in General Defensive Handgun. IDH is August 18-20.

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