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Map & Compass

At the end of this course you will be able to navigate with confidence through unknown terrain, find your location on a map, and fully understand and be able to use a map and compass.

Students will learn to determine azimuth in the field, follow an azimuth in an easy environment, and then progress to keeping track of distance traveled and following an azimuth in more difficult terrain. All the time instructors will be nearby to help with techniques and to answer questions. Eventually students will do a multi-leg compass course with a small student team, and will have the opportunity to conduct a longer multi-leg compass course either by themselves or with a team, depending on the individual student's comfort level.

Subjects Covered:
  • The different map types, definitions, and marginal information
  • Identifying terrain features on the map and on the ground
  • Understanding the UTM grid system and the Lat/Long Coordinate system
  • Reading distance and scale
  • Plotting and determining azimuth and direction
  • Finding your present location or identifying a location in the distance using the techniques of Intersection, Resection, and Modified Resection
  • Compass use and declination
  • Orienting the map to the ground
  • Determining slope and making sketch maps
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Required Equipment:

Compass with adjustable declination; Mechanical pencil and clipboard; Daypack; 2 water bottles; Lunch and snacks; Above-the-ankle boots; Long pants; Long sleeve shirt; Sunscreen; Raingear; Light gloves; Whistle

Dates & Locations

There are currently no scheduled dates for this course. Please contact us if you would like to schedule or host a class.

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