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Priorities of Survival Seminar/Webinar

What are the factors that really make the difference between a good outcome and a poor one in a self-defense situation?

  • Is it the make, model, or caliber of the gun you carry as a concealed carry permit holder?
  • Is it the particular brand or design of bullet you've loaded your favorite handgun with?
  • Or is it as some experts have stated to "have a gun?" (What if you are traveling somewhere where you are not allowed to possess a firearm?)

All of these factors fall into the category of "Equipment."  The InSights philosophy, however, considers equipment to be the least important factor in keeping yourself, and those you care about, safe from harm.


Mental Conditioning, Tactics, and Skill are the other 3 categories that we believe make a decisive difference in your personal security.


Our Priorities of Survival seminar/webinar will explore and examine the specific factors within these four categories to give you ideas of how to optimize your training efforts for maximum effectiveness in personal security and safety.


Specific topics discussed include: strategies of personal defense, awareness, mindset, decision making, the value of tactics, and perhaps most importantly; how to acquire the attributes that will stand you in good stead in any personal security situation, regardless of your degree of equipage at that given moment.


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You may also register by calling [425] 827.2552 or by email



Required Equipment:

FOR WEBINAR USERS: Laptop or desktop with good internet connection. Mobile devices also supported.

Dates & Locations

There are currently no scheduled dates for this course. Please contact us if you would like to schedule or host a class.

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