Stay Safe at School or Anywhere with Pepper Spray and Unarmed Skills

Are your kids heading to high school or college in the fall? Want to ace their personal safety (and yours — you can come to class, too!)? Want 10% off all 2017 Pepper Spray and Unarmed Self Defense classes? Of course! Sign up today through April 30th with promo code “USD”.

Unarmed Self Defense will help you stun and disable an attacker and escape to safety. This two-day class teaches a simple, powerful system that not only increases personal safety, but builds confidence and awareness so you can steer clear of trouble. The next class is April 29-30.

Pepper spray is an awesome self-defense tool that buys you time to escape to safety. Our three-hour Pepper Spray Seminar will teach you how to use it, and answer all your questions. Plus you’ll get a chance to spray our instructor with INERT(!) spray in simulated encounters. Many colleges allow students to carry pepper spray. Check your school’s policy, and then get some training and learn the right kind to carry. The next class is June 13.

Children under 18 in class must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Sign up now through April 30th with promo code “USD” and get 10% off all 2017 Pepper Spray and Unarmed Self Defense classes! (May not be combined with any other discounts.)

For more information about these and all our classes and to register, visit our website:

Stay safe and we’ll see you in class!