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The Black Friday Sale is On — Get 10%, 20%, or up to 25% off Training!

It’s time to save on 2019 classes. Hurry — sale ends 11/30!

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No need to nail down a specific class, just pre-buy a whole bunch of training! Save 10% on up to $1999. Save 20% on $2000-2999. SAVE 25% on $3000+! Call or email today! Good for all classes except the Adventure Training series.

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Finally — the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list. Give the gift of safety. Give the gift of training! Buy a certificate for a class or buy it for a dollar amount. Save 10% on up to $1999. Save 20% on $2000-2999. Save 25% on $3000+! Call or email today! Good for all classes except the Adventure Training series.

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Basic Handgun
General Defensive Handgun
Intermediate Defensive Handgun
Intensive Handgun Skills
General Defensive Rifle
Intermediate Defensive Rifle
Unarmed Self Defense
Defensive Folding Knife
Pepper Spray Seminar

2019 schedule being finalized now. You’ll find all the classics InSights is known for and some cool new classes!

Sale ends Friday, November 30. Offers exclude all Adventure Training classes. Offers cannot be combined with any other discounts.

For more information about these and all our classes, visit our website: . To register call 888.958.0884 or email:

Stay safe and we’ll see you in class!

Reward your labors with 10% off 2017 classes

Fall training season is approaching, so take advantage of our Labor Day Sale. Use promo code “LaborDay2017” to get 10% off all remaining 2017 classes. Sale runs September 1 through September 6 and cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. Here are a couple class highlights:

General Defensive Rifle

The last GDR of the year is September 15-17. AR-15 rifles haven’t been this cheap in years, so if you don’t already have one (or if you need another one!) get one and come to class. General Defensive Rifle gives you a rock solid foundation as a rifleman. Firearms safety, marksmanship fundamentals, carry techniques, firing positions, reloading and malfunction drills, single and multiple opponents, pivoting and traversing, individual tactics, a full low light session, discussions of gear and ballistics and legalities, and much more!

Handgun Fundamentals

This 1-day class is a great bridge between Basic Handgun and General Defensive Handgun. It’s also a fun way to break in a new gun and build or review your foundational skills. Handgun Fundamentals covers safety, marksmanship, reloads, malfunction clearing, the draw, recommended gear and more. Handgun Fun is September 16.

And the list goes on…

See the complete schedule at And remember to use code “LaborDay2017” by September 6th to get 10% off all remaining 2017 classes.

For more information about these and all our classes and to register, visit our website:

Have a safe and happy Labor Day and we’ll see you in class!

Are you ready to save a life?

Shootings, stabbings, bombings, vehicular attacks — what they all have in common is life-threatening trauma. There are some injuries where death before the arrival of EMS is almost assured if not managed correctly and rapidly.

If such injuries occur to yourself or another during an ongoing fight, recognition and concise management of the injuries becomes critical. You may be the first responder. Do you have the knowledge and skill to make a difference?

Gain that knowledge and skill in this powerful one-day class — Tactical First Aid.

  • The true nature of civilian gunshot wounds, their low lethality and realities of their medical management
  • How to rapidly determine the relative seriousness of an injury and how that will affect your tactical treatment plan
  • The concept of “care under fire” and how it differs from a non-tactical medical situation
  • Techniques for moving casualties to a safer environment
  • Basic airway and ventilation assessment and management within a tactical setting
  • Assessment and management of bleeding and shock
  • Assessment and management of penetrating and blunt trauma
  • How to prepare a tactical first aid kit that will dramatically increase your treatment capabilities

Join Dr. Mike Shertz on either August 5 or August 6 for Tactical First Aid at West Coast Armory in Bellevue. But don’t wait — this class fills up every year!

Dr. Shertz is a qualified Special Forces Medic and is a member of the International Wound Ballistics Association and the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers. Mike serves as the Chief Medical Officer and leads a team of Tactical Medics for the Washington County, Oregon, SWAT team.

For more information about all our classes and to register, visit our website:

Stay safe and we’ll see you in class!

48 Hour Flash Sale — 15% off all classes!

48 hours of savings on all classes!

It’s a Flash Sale! From 8am Monday the 6th through 8am Wednesday the 8th, use code “FEB2017” to get 15% off all classes.

Here are just some of the February ones:
Pepper Spray Seminar, February 14th. Can you say Best. Valentines. Ever. Grab your sweetie and come learn how to use an awesome defensive tool in this 3-hour class.

Intensive Handgun Skills, February 17-19. Maximum trigger time to make you a better shooter.

Basic Handgun, February 18th. This 1-day immersion in handgun information will set you up for a lifetime of safe and fun shooting.

General Defensive Handgun, February 18-19. If you want to carry a gun for self defense, you need to take this course. Enough said.

Unarmed Self Defense, February 25-26. When you can solve personal defense problems without using tools, the confidence you gain can change your life.

And that’s just February! Take advantage of this flash sale for 15% off ALL CLASSES, ALL YEAR.

Use code “FEB2017” (cannot be combined with any other offers or coupons). Offer valid 8am February 6th through 8am February 8th, 2017.

For more information about all of our classes and to register, visit Call us at 1.888.958.0884 or email us at:

Stay safe and we’ll see you in class!

Tactical First Aid — sign up early!

Learn How to Save a Life

Tactical First Aid with the always amazing Dr. Mike Shertz is August 16. This course is designed to give you the knowledge and skill necessary to identify and manage immediately life-threatening injuries, whether they occur to you or another individual, while you are still engaged in the violent attack. These same skills will also serve you well in any other accidents or incidents you might encounter. Space is limited, so sign up early!

Check out our other cool Summer classes

This Summer we are offering both Street and Vehicle Tactics I and Street and Vehicle Tactics II. Build your confidence and awareness when in public, traveling, or in your vehicle. Then take those skills to the next level with increasingly complex scenario-based training. Get force-on-force training from master tacticians!

And if you’ve taken Intensive Handgun Skills, you know what a difference it makes in your shooting abilities. Now crank those abilities up another notch with Intensive Handgun Skills II. Learn the skills, drills, and plays that will make you a dominating competitive or defensive shooter.

Find these and other classes on our website, Stay safe and we’ll see you in class!