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Caleb Giddings on Defensive Folding Knife at InSights Traning Center

Check out the article about our Defensive Folding Knife classes posted the other day on Gun Nuts Media. Click here to read more »

Conceal Carry Magazine Pouches

It is important for the operator to carry a secondary magazine that one can readily use for reloads. Not because we think your private citizen self defense gun fight will be more than 15 rounds, but because ammunition and magazines are the least reliable part of the weapon system. And you just don’t know what will happen in YOUR violent confrontation.

A belt mounted magazine pouch on your support side is an important part of your kit. There are many manufacturers that make serviceable pouches and the quality of magazine pouch is not as important as the quality of the holster. Click here to read more »

Recommended 9mm carry ammunition

We get a lot of questions about what 9mm ammunition we recommend for self defense. The short answer is 124gr. +P JHP from Federal, Remington, or Winchester.

These rounds tend to function reliably and meet the FBI standards for penetration in ballistic gelatin. These rounds are what most modern 9mm handguns are designed to shoot and thus tend to be the most reliable. Regardless of what the marketing department of an ammunition manufacturer will tell you, there just isn’t that much difference between products in real world terminal ballistic performance, so the real issue is what functions the most reliably in your particular gun.

Holsters: Kramer Leather

This is an area where tactics and skills really drives equipment selection. If all you do is draw and fire from 10 yards at the range, then your type of holster doesn’t really matter as long as it protects the trigger guard and stays open for re holstering. Unfortunately, most of the gun world’s training never moves beyond static range drills. Red guns, Fist suits, mats, handgun retention, and hitting each other is typically not part of the curriculum. Thus, most operators have no context for proper selection of a holster.

What we have seen is that Kramer horsehide holsters far exceed the life span of any other holster makers. Kydex and other plastic holsters break apart under pressure because they are brittle. Most other leather holsters wear out in about a year of use for the average Insights Instructor. Kramer holster last for years and maintain their shape and weapon retention. Click here to read more »

Additional Info on Handgun Designs

On the Glock Talk forum , there was recently some discussion regarding my posts about Handgun design and the Glock 19. I wanted to address some of the issues brought up.

The theme that I have emphasized throughout the posts on equipment selection is that your tactics and skill are the foundation for determining what gear works and what gear does not. If we do not share common skill or tactics then we will likely arrive at different conclusions regarding which gun we think works best. If we do arrive at the same conclusion then it will likely be for different reasons. Click here to read more »