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Internet Movie Firearms Database

You know that movie? What kind of gun was that?

Lucky for us, today’s bam and glam display of firearms in the movies has justified the existence of the Internet Movie Firearms Database. With over 6,500 articles, you can search by movie, actor, gun and more. Trying to remember that sexy firearm’s name? Now you know where to find it! Click here to read more »

The truth behind the recent M4 controversy

Yesterday I blogged about the M4 reliability controversy story that was originally reported by the Associated Press. At best the writer of the AP article exaggerated many the points. The leaked draft of the of the analysis of the Battle of Wanat reads quite differently. Click here to read more »

Guns Did Not Protect Those Who Possessed Them from Being Shot in an Assault

Penn researchers investigated the link between being shot in an assault and a person’s possession of a gun at the time of the shooting. As identified by police and medical examiners, they randomly selected 677 cases of Philadelphia residents who were shot in an assault from 2003 to 2006. Six percent of these cases were in possession of a gun (such as in a holster, pocket, waistband, or vehicle) when they were shot. Click here to read more »

Police May Not Even Temporarily Detain a Person for Openly Carrying a Handgun

Police May Not Even Temporarily Detain a Person Simply Because He’s Openly Carrying a Handgun, if such open carrying in that place is generally not a crime. So holds St. John v. McColley (D.N.M. Sept. 8, 2009), which grants summary judgment to the seized person on his Fourth Amendment claim… Click here to read more »

Today’s Links September 29, 2009

Making Your Own Carry Ammo?: Even if the reloads were perfect: why bother? Less than perfect reloads will not be as reliable as commercially available ammunition. In terms of terminal ballistics you are not gaining anything. The legal liability is an open question (probably overhyped in most circumstances) but why assume the risk?
Udall’s bill has backers: Federal legislation could create new shooting ranges.
Why MAIG Isn’t a Minor Threat: Interesting analysis of post-heller gun control and the interconnectedness of gun control groups.
Physical Fitness and boxing beats would be rapist.: A failure of the victim selection process.