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Today’s Links September 26, 2009

Links Between Brady & MAIG Established.: If it seems like all the gun control organizations are in cahoots, it is because they are.

Today’s Links September 25, 2009

Can a Bully Claim Self-Defense?: This is interesting. It is worth considering when think about effecting a “stop” against an assailant.
The Survival Gun: I like the authors reasoning on weapon selection, but I would certainly augment my defensive handgun with semi-auto rifle.
Nordyke v. King en banc: A summary of posts.

Today’s Links September 24, 2009

South Korea to sell 108,000 Garand Rifles to US Gun Collectors: If you were looking for a Garand or an M1 carbine this might be your chance.

Today’s Links September 23, 2009

Monopoly’s Hidden Maps Help World War II POWs Escape: Not really self-defense related, but an interesting story regardless.
Man Teaching Girlfriend About Gun Safety Shoots Himself in the Head: This what happens when you try to replace the Universal Firearms Handling Rules with mechanical devices.

Today’s Links September 22, 2009

California Assembly Passes Ammo Control: This is certainly not good news. I predict a new black market in ammunition.
Mayors Against Illegal Guns is losing members.: The media isn’t talking about it, but there is more info here.
Headbutts: I am not a big fan of the headbutt as a primary attack, but here is some pretty thorough information about them.