We had to move the August IDR, but now it is locked down for October. We also added an outdoor Intensive Handgun Skills class to October. Take your pick or do ’em both! Call the office to register (M-F, 12p-5p).

Intermediate Defensive Rifle is set for October!

Increase your abilities at Close Quarters Marksmanship, and become a total “rifleman” with the ability to shoot to the potential of your rifle. IDR will challenge you!

For the CQM portion of the course, we will spend significant time in the ranges of 0–50 meters mastering speed and accuracy while using available cover and movement as is required in Urban Combat situations. This portion will be fast moving and the constantly changing drills and environment will challenge the shooter’s mental and physical abilities.

The Rifleman portion of the course will be spent examining and testing the shooter’s abilities at 100–600 meters. This is a chance to find out what the maximum capabilities of you and your equipment are. Intermediate Defensive Rifle is October 19-21 at Ravensdale, WA. Call the office to register.

Shoot Intensive Handgun outdoors

October is a great month to shoot outside — the sweltering days are over, the cold days haven’t begun. And what better way to welcome fall than Intensive Handgun Skills. Make a giant leap forward in your speed and accuracy — and nothing builds speed like shooting steel. Intensive Handgun Skills is October 5-7 at Ravensdale, WA. Call the office to register.

Make plans for the last General Defensive Rifle for 2018

General Defensive Rifle is an action-packed 3-day class that will give you a solid defensive rifle foundation. Safety, marksmanship, carry positions, firing positions, reloads, movement, tactics, low-light, recommended gear and much more! If you want to learn to run your rifle, this is the premiere rifle class to do it. GDR is September 21-23 at West Coast Armory in Bellevue. Call the office to register.

And sign up for Pepper Spray

The Pepper Spray Seminar is back! Make time for this fun 3-hour class and add this excellent tool to your toolbox. Pepper Spray is September 25, 7p-10p, at West Coast Armory in Bellevue. Call the office to register.

For more information about all of our classes, visit InSightsTraining.com. To register, call us at 1.888.958.0884 (M-F, 12p-5p) or email us at: info@insightstraining.com.

Stay safe and we’ll see you in class!