Student B, May 2019

Early this May, 2019, I attended InSight’s first RECONDO class/event. There are two schools of thought from which one may learn about use of force, the military and police. My 30 some years as a civilian and police trainer has largely dictated the doctrine that I learned and have taught. It has also shaped most of what I do in a court room as an expert witness on use of force. I only mention the forgoing as an indication of what my background has been.

For one who has not had a military background, I found RECONDO to be one of the most interesting and rewarding “classes” that I have attended, and I have attended a lot of training, including some of InSight’s offerings a number of years ago. Having just retired from 38 years as a Firefighter/paramedic and 30 years as a civilian/police firearms/use of force trainer I also was pleasantly surprised at the camaraderie engendered at RECONDO due to the shared mission goals we all had in accomplishing the class.

The same great, experienced cadre of military instructors that Greg brings with him to InSights training was expected by me but in this case exceeded my expectations. Every effort was made to make this as much of a “real world” experience as one can. I have only experienced that sense of camaraderie before in my real world job in actual life-threatening circumstances with my crews. To accomplish a like feeling with a bunch of guys who have never met, in a simulated environment, is remarkable, in my opinion.

There is much that can be taken from this training and I highly recommend it to anyone who takes their training/education seriously. I know that InSights will build upon this successful endeavor. Thanks, Greg, and to your cadre of fellow instructors!