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Its finally here, the class you’ve been waiting for — Recondo School! Four completely packed fully immersive days of training with Special Operators on all aspects of patrolling. Learn all there is to know about small team reconnaissance, ambush, and raid.

Starting with the basics, 3-5 man element teams will conduct day and night reconnaissance missions. Next the teams will combine to conduct ambush patrols. The teams grow again to conduct raids on enemy encampments. The final day is live fire battle drills, learning to do everything safely with live ammunition.

Outside of the military nothing like this has ever been offered before. Others have done fantasy camps, no one has run the real deal. Most active duty infantrymen never get a chance for this level of training!

Immersive scenario based training is far more effective than a conventional course. Everything is “real” and has context and pieces learned on one day connect back in later in the scenario. This course will have over a dozen live role players playing the part of the enemy, have real people as part of the “underground” etc. FULLY IMMERSIVE TRAINING. InSights will be offering numerous “linked” courses around this scenario in the future.

Besides the patrolling track we will be offering a Tactical Operations Center track. These are the guys who make the missions run, produce and give intelligence briefings, run radio networks, debrief teams after missions, coordinate with underground forces and assets, meet and interview intelligence sources, “Battle track” teams and the enemy. Learn intelligence preparation of the battlefield, operational security, and tradecraft for the resistance environment. The TOC track is perfect for those who might not be up for four days and nights of moving through the woods but who still want to learn to contribute to the team.

Cadre — Real Deal Teachers

The Green Berets are experts at teaching guerrillas. In this class that’s what you are! The class is NOT “dumbed down”. It is simplified to only the exact things a resistance member would need to know. All the important stuff, NONE OF THE ARMY STUFF. You will not be treated like a private in the army, but like an adult in an all volunteer force, learning all the critical steps to a successful combat patrol without any of the fluff. This isn’t basic training, this is Green Berets teaching an indigenous force well enough that they would feel comfortable taking them on a real operation and putting their lives on the line beside their students.

All teaching will be done by Green Berets, Army Rangers, LRRP members, and other Special Operations personnel; all with real combat experience covering multiple wars spanning four decades and covering the globe.

Live Fire

Regardless of rifle training background EVERY participant will be evaluated on weapons safety during the entire course, to judge their ability to do team fire exercises on day 4. Anyone proving themselves safe over the preceding 3 ½ days will use live rounds. Anyone not proving themselves safe will use blanks. We will never compromise safety to protect someone’s feelings.

Be Advised

A couple people have expressed concern about getting put on a “list”. This course is 100% non-political and 100% patriotic. In fact zero politics or anti-government talk will be allowed. Anyone that can’t abide by that will be asked to leave immediately. Leave your conspiracy theories and tinfoil hat at home and come learn real skills from men that have been and done.

This class is set in a scenario of Americans being a guerrilla force in their own country against a foreign invader. We will stay in “scenario” and in “character” for maximum training benefit.

Also, to train students on Operational and Personal Security (OPSEC and PERSEC) all students and cadre will use “callsigns” or nicknames. (Of course in real life you can trade personal information so you can keep up with each other after class, but for role play’s sake we will conduct ourselves with security in mind.)

What Recondo class is:

  • Awesome
  • Fun
  • Challenging
  • Realistic
  • And did we say Awesome?

What Recondo class is not:

  • Anti-government
  • Political
  • “Militia”

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Class dates: May 2-5, 2019
Location: 3 hours from Seattle (location provided upon registration)
Tuition: $1600
Prerequisite: Concealed Pistol License or documentation of good character

Minimum required equipment:

  • AR-15 type rifle in 5.56 with blank adaptor and 400 rounds of blanks and 200 rounds live ammunition
  • Compass
  • Simple chest rig or load bearing equipment
  • Day pack
  • Outdoor clothes and boots with multiple changes and gear for inclement weather.
  • Sleeping equipment to include cot or sleeping pad

A full field kitchen with cooks will be present so students will not have to worry about meals or snacks, etc. Large squad tents are also provided. You will be able to dedicate yourself 100% to training.

To register, call us at 1.888.958.0884 or email us at:

Stay safe and we’ll see you in class!