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Hosting A Class In Your Area

Are you interested in hosting a class in your area and training for free?

Hosting an InSights Training Center class is very simple. You may sponsor a class in your area with or without access to a gun firing range. We offer state-of-the-art gun shooting and tactics courses that can be taught in your area with a proper gun range. If you do not have a live fire facility we offer a variety of excellent classes that do not require a gun range. Our goal is to provide the highest quality training possible nationwide.

  1. Select a class that would best suit people in your area.

  2. You set up the training venue (range or other location).

  3. Pick a date. Once confirmed, it will be available in our Class Catalog and open for registration.

  4. You promote and advertise the class (local gun stores, gun clubs, shooting ranges, etc).

  5. You train for free!
To start the process, complete the form below and we will follow up with you!

More Information

Most ranges require a fee for the use of their range. If this is the case, after you arrange the dates for the class, let us know what the fees are and they will simply be added to the price charged to the attendees.

The hosting party receives a minimum of one free spot in the course; the more people you register, the more free classes you receive.

Free Training For You!

InSights provides:

  • Course Outline and Marketing material.

  • Marketing the class through our website and mailing lists.

  • Student registration.

  • Host is provided with free training for each sponsored course.

  • Specialized training with a certificate of completion for each student.

Which course(s) interest you?

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