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Client Testimonials

InSights Training Center has been teaching quality, fast-paced, informative courses around the country since 1990. We offer the most complete self-defense, firearms, and tactical training available to the Private Sector, Law Enforcement, and Military organizations. We have taught more than 15,000 students— private citizens, Law Enforcement officers and instructors, SWAT teams, corrections personnel, security officers, and Military Special Operations personnel.

I recently attended the Basic Handgun Class in Bellevue. The class exceeded my expectations. Paul and Stephanie put their hearts into the class. How the state of Washington does not require such a course for a new gun owner is beyond me. Scheduling the course was easy, Paul is a great instructor, and the follow up after the course was appreciated. Keep up the good work and I look forward to taking my next class!
~ Bob
Redmond, WA
Your training is a good blend of what should work when it is for real. None of us can foresee what gunfight our students or ourselves may be involved in. However, your techniques are a solid building block for emerging victorious in an actual shooting.
~ Mike W.
Birmingham PD

Thank you for the wonderful training I received in the Basic Handgun class. The classroom information was expertly presented with the proper doses of humor to keep it all in perspective. The range sessions were very professionally done and handled in a safe and controlled manner, but also a lot of fun! I am closer to making an informed and responsible decision.


~ Joan S.
Seattle, WA

I took my first InSights course on Nov. 21 in Harrisburg. It was excellent. The techniques were realistic and easy to remember. They were also taught and demonstrated in a clear and concise manner. It was obvious that the lesson material was well thought out and and tested.

Mr Collins was very professional and insightful. He answered every question he was asked and usually demonstrated the answer. You know somebody knows what they're talking about when they show you "why" rather than just tell you. I'm definitely going to take Unarmed next year.

~ Dave I, RN
Franklin County Prison, Chambersburg, PA

I truly believe that I not only got my money's worth but that I also received a personal life-altering experience. I gained not only practical skills but a sense of empowerment and capability (from "doing") that I had not hitherto known.

~ Brenda J.
Seattle, WA

I had no idea what to expect when my Mother invited me to join her for Unarmed Self Defense over Mother's Day weekend. I knew it would be good information; however I had no idea how *awesome* I would feel after completing the course! The instructor Nick Collins was great, giving a balanced dose of instruction, practice, and real life application. He also made sure all of our questions were answered and we understood the material thoroughly. The techniques are something that anyone can use, regardless of their physical build or previous training. I feel so empowered now that I have the basic skills to identify threats, deescalate and defend myself without a weapon. I think it's reasonable to say that every woman deserves this kind of high-quality training! We'll be back for more!

~ Hope M.
Edmonds, WA

I just wanted to write and say that the Unarmed Self Defense class that I took this past weekend was the best class I have taken so far. The intensity of the class was great and I feel the added stress of a live attacker (in a padded suit) really helped to enforce everything that was taught. Mike and Clayton did a great job. Also, if you have a "requests list" I would like to see CQC, Defensive rifle and of course DFK II in Harrisburg at some point.

~ Shawn B.
York, PA

After having completed your Intensive handgun Skills course two weeks ago at West Shore, I shot the IDPA qualification with my Beretta 92 that I used in your class.  I cut about 25 seconds off of my previous time and moved from Expert to Master rating for IDPA.  Thanks for the excellent instruction.  By taking my shooting position apart and putting it back together, you helped me push though my plateau that I have stagnated in for several years.  Interestingly, I didn't notice a large difference in speed during the class, but I came home and did not shoot for two weeks.  When I shot the classifier I was markedly faster and more accurate at the same time.

~ Steven P.
Maryland St Police Aviation Division Baltimore,

I was writing to say that I had a positive experience in the Unarmed Self Defense class this previous weekend. The class was very well done, and John and Tracy should be commended for their efforts. Thanks again, and I look forward to attending Insight classes in the future.

~ Richard A.
Seattle, WA

I attended GDH in Harrisburg on 16 & 17 Aug, 2003, and write to share my *postpartum* sentiments. I've fired 1000's of rds thru dozens of different handguns over the past 30 yrs, but GDH gave me more control over, and accuracy w/, my handgun than I thought possible. It's not just the InSights' technique, but also the excellent instruction that are responsible for my newfound proficiency. As a professor w/ 23 yrs teaching experience I was impressed w/ John Holschen's pedagogical expertise. This course should be required for anyone who wants to obtain a carry permit.  I'm looking fwd to taking Tactical Handgun next yr. Please put me on your mailing list.


~ Mark S.
Lititz, PA

Hi, I attended the tactical pistol course last month at Snoqualmie Falls PD and wanted to let you know that I thought the training was excellent.


~ John K
Clackamas Co Sheriffs Oregon City, OR

I just completed the 3 day InSights "Street and Vehicle" tactics class. Last fall, I took the companion three day InSights "Home Defensive Tactics" class. Unlike most "gun" classes, neither of these classes involved firing a single live round. Rather, the classes addressed topics much more realistic and important than how to cut your split times, quicken your draw, or blast a tighter group. These classes address how to avoid getting shot or otherwise victimized. Home Defensive dealt extensively with flashlight use, pieing corners, stairs, windows, etc. Role play with other students (all done with dummy guns), interaction with law enforcement, etc. A very full 3 days.

Street and Vehicle covered all sorts of stuff. A review (for me) of building search, corner pieing, etc. How to respond to all sorts of attacks on cars, carjackings, how to creatively exit the car, how to draw right in front of an assailant without it being seen, etc. A review of clips from an Al Qaeda (sp?) terror training tape (made by Al Qaeda) so you know what to watch out for. One afternoon dedicated to Simunitions training scenarios (real guns with barrels replaced so they fire paint cartridges. They sting, so you are motivated to do it right.) Lots of discussion on topics brought up by the class, etc. No wasted time.

If you are reasonably competent with your handgun, you would be well served to look into the InSights tactics classes. I have taken a total of 18 different shooting or tactical classes around the country. They were all useful, and some were outstanding. The info doesn't get any more valuable than what is taught in the InSights tactics classes. For most people who have or carry a self defense handgun, this is the next logical step.

~ Bob C.
Pasco, WA

Stephanie, after our conversation on the phone, I wanted to take a moment to give you some feedback in writing. I attended your Basic Handgun Course on Saturday (June 14th).

It was great! I consider myself a hard-sell where training is concerned since facilitating is my career choice (I am a Corporate Trainer at The Bon Marché; Merchant audience, Buyers and Planners). I am so impressed with your team, delivery was truly impressive. Paul (and John from the segment that he taught) was informed, patient, and well prepared. Not only that, the content, pace and practical application packed into a 10 hour day was astounding.

I left with a better understanding (considerably less apprehension) and familiarity of handguns than I expected. I am glad that we had a chance to practice on such a wide range of weapons.

Lastly, again the practical knowledge and safety that was woven throughout the day is so helpful. I definitely recommend your class to others and would attend future courses myself. Well done. Thank you.

~ Dana T.
Seattle, WA

Hi John! First off, thank you for the great instruction and training that I received during the Intensive Handgun course. It was an excellent class, and I have done nothing but benefit from it. I know that from this day on that I will be a better shooter and know what I need to change when my shots aren't placed exactly where I want them.

The class was great. Period. Thank you. Hope to get my ass kicked (as well as learn some things) soon in Unarmed or some CQ courses. Take care.

~ Vance S.
Seattle, WA

I had the opportunity to attend list member Greg Hamilton's Intensive Handgun Skills 3-day class. The class was taught by John Holschen, who is the real deala very competent instructor able to improve everyone's performance in the class by a substantial amount. The class had a very high round count with most firing between 1800 and 2500 rounds in the three days.

When I heard the round count I looked forward to firing that much, but thought that some of that might be wasted. Looking back, I cannot remember a time when we pulled the trigger where the shooting was not carefully designed to instruct a clearly stated lesson. John described the class as being an effort to desconstruct our shooting to the smallest components of our technique. I think I was able to do this and felt that my three days were very well spent. I can recommend this class to anyone looking for a great tune up or, in my case, to get me out of a rut in my pistol shooting.

~ Dan K.
Oregon City, OR

I took the GDH March 9-10 with Tracy, Ben and Kevin. Great class. This is my first experience with Insights but it was a great one. I will end up coming back and taking additional classes.

I came down ill the first day about 5:00 but the class was going so great I gutted it out so I wouldn't miss any of the material. That in itself is a testament to how much I liked the class. Thanks and keep up the good work.

~ Chris K.
Redmond, WA
Very rarely, if ever, do I enter a room with such little or NO prior subject-knowledge and walk out 10 hours later with not just more knowledge but real, very "practical", psycho-motor skills hardwired into my mind, my hands, and my psyche. The InSights Defensive Folding Knife program is not only comprehensive and the essence of progressive skills building, but the techniques integrate seamlessly into other sound, unarmed defense and even handgun techniques.
~ Rolf T., Sheriff's Deputy
Prince George County, MD
First off, Anna and I would like to say "thank you" so much for a great job of instruction. We were both so pleased with your calm and very re-assuring instruction style. We felt that you had a very positive way of instructing, and that when you corrected students, you did it in a very professional way. I have not always had that type of experience in firearms training, and it really shuts a student down. Your style, however, just wants to make us take more and more classes from InSights. Tell Greg to raise your pay!
~ Chad O.
Redmond, WA

Please forgive my tardiness in sending you accolades for the Basic Handgun Class. It was wonderful, every aspect of it. Paul was an excellent instructor, blending the dissemination of serious information with humor, all done with great enthusiasm. As far as I could tell, everyone enjoyed the class immensely. I'm looking forward to the next phase, which will be with my own weapon, once I've figured out what that will be. Apparently there aren't ranges in Bellingham, and though there might be instruction, I am so very glad I came to you.

~ Tracy E.
Bellingham, WA

Thanks again for teaching the class last weekend. I learned a tremendous amount and feel that my skills improved dramatically over the 3 days. I particularly appreciated the "why" portion of how you train as I absolutely learn best that way and can apply and extend the knowledge far better with that fundamental understanding. Thanks again and I hope to be in another of the classes you teach again soon.

~ Mike W.
Woodinville, WA
Thank you for conducting the General and Intermediate Rifle Class in Conyers Georgia last week.  Outstanding content and presentation. A real physical and mental workout. My Rifle and I are in better harmony now. Please keep me informed of any other classes you offer in the Atlanta area.
~ Barry G.
Atlanta, GA

Of all of the courses I have taken from InSights, I think that this is their best one. Highly recommended!

~ Ricahrd W.
Florence, SC
Intensive Handgun Skills: I forgot to turn in my comments after the class, so I'll do my best to reproduce them here. I was expecting a more advanced defensive class, but it seems that's to be found in Intermediate Defensive Handgun (as Greg pointed out, there's no "Defensive" in "Intensive Handgun Skills. However, I'm very very pleased I attended this class. My shooting, or rather hitting skills are higher right off the bat, but more importantly is that I learned the proper way to do things and to notice more details for improvement, and have had success in teaching that to others. And for all that, there wasn't any disinclination to discussing defense related matters, particularly during break. I really like Greg's history lessons, both for the perspective and the way he tells stories, so there certainly was not too much talking on Friday before lunch. Oh, and little quips, such as "professionals don't practice it until they get it right: they practice it right until they don't get it wrong." I also was glad for the opportunity to drag my gear through the sand and mud, as it were, when it rained in the gravel pit Saturday afternoon, to see which components, my grip and posture included, worked and which didn't. John and Derek were also very helpful in offering reinforcement and interpretations. Thanks so much for offering these courses.
~ Tommy Duffy
Kirkland, WA
I have taken many courses from InSights Training, and all of them have exceeded my expectations. I worked at an indoor range, and by taking these courses, I have become more accurate and have learned some life saving techniques. Insights Training Centers is by far, the most professional and intensive training, with a staff that has a great curriculum. I highly recommend taking any of the InSights courses whether you are a novice or an experienced shooter (or any knife, unarmed, baton, etc. courses) that's looking to hone one's skills. Two thumbs up. Thanks InSights!
~ Vance Sakado
Seattle, WA
Greg and his team of highly qualified instructors came to Alaska to train our PSD teams in preparation for an OIF deployment. When our Soldiers were complete with the three weeks of training they all said it was the best three weeks of training they had received. Greg not only trains you on the physical aspect but also the mental. His competency, knowledge from past experiences, and professionalism contributed greatly to the success of our training and actions in combat. If you are looking for this type of training, look no further than InSights.
~ Mark
Barstow, CA
Most people don't consider or they underestimate the spiritual aspects of self defense training. Women especially have an inherent myopia when it comes to envisioning and pursuing what they could be. It takes a special type of person to broach that divide. Needless to say, I'm impressed with your ability to do just that. Self esteem is probably the most important inner trait for women, and you have helped us to increase our shares by being the successful, bright, funny, competent, attractive warrior you are, doing just what you are doing. It's an important service with enormous spiritual implications, and it's your niche. All men should aspire to that level of desirability. You have my thanks. I'm looking forward to learning all I can from you.
~ Deborah
Seattle, WA
Please relay to Greg and John my profound thanks for a great job and a good time!!  It was great fun and extremely informative.  In addition, I used what Greg taught me (as best I could, still practicing!!) at my local IDPA match.  Prior to the class I was shooting the Novice class.  After two days with Greg and John, I shot up two levels to Expert!!!!  I'm very pleased.  Most of the cops I shot with thought I was an IPSC ringer, but I gave all the credit to Insights.  I even turned a few shooters on to your Web site, so hopefully they will be contacting you in the near future!!!  I look forward to attending another Insights seminar in the near future.
~ Jerry S
Seattle, WA
Over the last 15 years I have attend several very well known national training facilities. Insights integrated fighting system is second to none. This is no accident. Greg and his dedicated team of professionals have developed and continue to refine a comprehensive continuum of force fighting system which is easily understood and with practice mastered. The focus is on both physical and mental combat. I highly recommend you explore taking a sequence of classes that will help you develop the skills important to you.
~ Chuck Weitzel
Portland, OR
I recently attended the "Basic Handgin & Responsibility" class in Issaquah, Washington and thought the course was exceptional.
~ Alvin F. may
Renton, WA

I have taken courses led by Greg Hamilton,John Holschen and Mike Warsocki with other instructors assisting. In all cases the didactic instruction and physical training is top notch.The constant preparation of mindset, tactics, strategy and skill is brilliantly planned and executed. I am a true believer in the training method and what is taught. The system where all skills are developed from a central core makes for a reliable and effective set of tools to be used if needed, and prevention principles may obviate such a need.I am amazed at how much more competent and confident one becomes after only a day or weekend course. I probably will end up taking all of the courses at least once.

Mario  NY

~ Mario
The women's shooting league is the highlight of my week. I've gained so much confidence over the course of the league. I went from never having shot a handgun (I took the Basic Handgun class and the following month joined the women's league) to feeling completely confident with handling and shooting my gun in a matter of just weeks - thanks to the solid instruction and coaching provided. The non-threatening degree of competition adds to the excitement. For less than the cost of renting a lane at a firing range (not to mention greater privacy than the public ranges) I have much more meaningful practice with plenty of individual coaching adding value, focus, and purpose to every round fired. It is amazing to me how much improvement I've enjoyed in just a few weeks. I can't recommend enough the Women's Shooting League to anyone wishing to gain confidence in shooting and handling their handgun with greater accuracy, precision and speed. All the women are encouraging to one another as it is exciting to see each of us improve from week to week. The fun shoot at the end is pure fun!
~ Deborah L
Redmond, WA
The Utah CFP class was very informative. In addition to what is legally required for the permit, Insights also provided excellent practical advise. Kinda a teaser for their full blown courses, which I plan to take.
~ Ron Barchi
arlington, WA
Since I had been shooting for years, and reading websites related to concealed carry, I was worried that taking General Defensive Hangun wouldn't provide much value. I sure was wrong about that! There were so many things I learned that I had no idea I didn't know. I'll cetainly be taking more classes at Insights.
~ Dan R
Bellevue, WA
General Defensive Handgun was well worth the money. The instructor and coaches were helpful, knowledgable, and provided everyone enough time to practice what we learned in a safe environment. The live fire drills, dry fire information, and practical exercises significantly increased my confidence and accuracy. I've noticed a huge difference in my shooting, and will definately be taking more classes in the future!
~ Gerald Sexton
Seattle, WA
Yesterday I finished General Defense Handgun. Today I'm tired, I hurt in odd places, I lost my voice, and I can tell you I just had the most enjoyable 18 hours I can remember. I cannot compliment the instructors enough. In two days my skill with my pistol has been greatly improved - by the end of the class I was able to safely, quickly, and accurately perform tasks I wouldn't have even thought about attempting four days ago. Thank you!
~ Hugh
Sammamish, WA
The class that my wife and I took was a great class. The instructors were top notch. I learned to shoot when I was around 6-7yrs old and I learned a tremendous amount with the class. My wife never held a gun and she was very confident and feels safe handling hand guns now. I would and do recommend your training!
~ Stephen Clapsaddle
Brier, WA
I took the GDH class recently and it was a wonderful experience! I was most impressed with the professionalism and depth of the instructors and their methodical approach. They also showed patience as there were varying levels of experience in the students. I walked out of the 2 day experience feeling a whole lot more confident. I will be taking more classes from Insights as I feel they are truly the best.
~ Tom Leonidas
Bellevue, WA
Second time I've taken General Defensive Handgun. First time with Kevin and this time with Tracy. I brought my friend Jeff along this time. You guys are great! I was able to concentrate on the little things I missed last time. Never hurts to take these classes more than once. I'm feeling good about moving up to intermediate. Thanks again Tracy! See you next time.
~ Fred White
Silverdale, WA
Nature gave me a trigger finger. I bought it a gun. Insights Training brought them harmony. You'll find the Instructors to be safe, professional and accessible; and the classroom environment to be engaging and focused. Read the course description and know you get what you pay for.
~ Brian E.
Bonney Lake, WA
My daughter and I just attended the March Unarmed Self-Defense class this weekend. The class was awesome, and John and Jamin did an awesome job of instruction. I appreciated the mix of lectures on Mental Preparation, self defense techniques, and group practice. I've been around martial arts for many years, but the Insights CQC system is convincingly a simple yet effective set of techniques that will work in real life situations, and yet can be learned by anyone. A really fun and worthwhile weekend for my daughter and myself. Great job guys.
~ Keith Short
Redmond, WA
I recently attended the Basic Handgun Safety and Responsibility course on Feb. 26th 2011. I had recently purchased my first handgun prior to taking the course and was waiting until I could take this course before I fired my gun. This course gave me the confidence and knowledge I felt I required to handle my firearm responsibly and safely. Our lead instructor Tracy Roberts was an excellent teacher and the coaches assisting Tracy were also highly trained and professional. While our instructors were professional, they were also very friendly and very humble. I was allowed to bring my firearm in to shoot during our final session of shooting and felt confident and comfortable with my gun after having fired several guns during earlier firing sessions. My wife and oldest daughter will be taking the course in the not too distant future as will be my youngest daughter and son. My entire family will eventually be taking General Defensive Handgun and I myself plan to take Intermediate and Intensive Handgun.
~ Steve R.
Tacoma, WA
I recently took the Basic Handgun Safety and Responsibility class, this is the most interesting class I have ever taken. The instructors were great, the main instructor was very clear and easy to understand and he kept it very interesting. The safety levels were a very important part of the instructors teaching. Thank you and the instructors.
~ Phil Lecato
Seattle, WA
I just completed the Utah Conceal Carry Coarse, was very impressed by the instructors at being able to provide the information for all of the individuals taking the the class as it was a vary broard range of ages and races. I myself am 65yrs, upgrading my knowledge as to do more traveling. Thanks to Stephanie Kerns & Allen Hines.
~ James Stumpf
Stanwood, WA
For as long as I can remember, I've had a fear of handguns. They held far to mystical a power over me, and I knew that being SO afraid of them was not doing me any favors. I talked for a long time about "I think I'd like to go take a class to learn more about them." Well, I finally did. Your "Intro to Handguns" class was terrific! I was very nervous in the days leading up to it, and it turns out there was no need. Your staff was so kind and so professional. I knew I was in great hands. I am now definitely NOT afraid of handguns. Knowledge is power!
~ Leslie Irish Evans
Sammamish, WA
I've taken three courses at Insights so far, Basic Handgun, General Defensive Handgun and General Defensive Rifle. All three courses were taught with great professionalism and it was apparent that the safety of the students and the staff is of the utmost importance. I came to Insights with a small amount of informal training with my firearms and am amazed at how far my skills and confidence have grown in a relatively short period of time thanks to the fantasic instruction and coaching I've recieved. As the lone female student in two of my courses I appreciate that I'm treated the same as my male counterparts and I encourage other female shooters to avail themselves of this valuable resource for training. I'll be working my way through the course offerings every chance I get. Keep up the good work and I look forward to my next class!
~ Maureen Pfaff
Port Angeles, WA
Last spring my wife and I attended the Introduction to Handgun class and loved it.Just recently I brought my two teenage boys to your Basic long gun safety and responsibility class and the three of us had a blast.Next up for me will be the basic handgun class.I am very impressed with all the instructors and with everyone working in the store.All professional and friendly which is a big deal.I have previous firearms training and I know it can be intimidating for those with little or no experience with firearms.This is NOT the case here.Keep up the good work,it's appreciated. We'll be back!
~ Michael Carlson
Seattle, WA
I attended the 4 Hour Concealed Firearms Permit Class for Utah yesterday; I was impressed by the perceptive thoroughness of the material covered; InSights Training has everything down; all of the documents needed in obtaining the Utah CFP were provided; including the envelope with the proper postage; InSights facility is first rate; instructor Alan Hines was knowledgeable and did a great job in presenting the essentials; overall I give this class 5 stars!
~ lance
Woodinville, WA
I just finished Defensive Folding Knife (I), my 3rd Insights class and the perfect way to build on what I learned in General Defensive Handgun and Unarmed Self Defense. I also recently completed a Coed Shooting League II and just signed up for the next one. Each of these classes has delivered all I expected and more, not only in armed and unarmed defense tactics, but equally in terms of mental challenge, awareness and preparedness, which are increasingly reflected in everything I do. The instructors are all at the top of their game; highly professional and motivated to ensure every student gets the maximum return on their investment in time and money. It's obvious they're passionate about passing along their knowledge and skills to anyone willing to put forth the effort to learn. I will continue to take more Insights classes, and plan to return with my daughters when we can make it work for their schedules. I don't know anyone who wouldn't benefit from taking an Insights class (or a few of them – if you take one you'll likely come away wanting more). Dave B. Seattle, WA
~ Dave B.
Seattle, WA
Just finished the Defensive Folding Knife II course, and like all of the Insights courses, it gives you experiences and skills you hadn't imagined. Just realizing the fact of having to use a knife defensively in a real-time encounter is intimidating enough. At least now, I know better what to expect, what to do, and more importantly, what NOT to do!! (hint; like forget your gun!!)
~ P. Johnson
Syracuse, NY
I took the Introduction to Handguns course from InSights Training and it was a great class! I really liked how the course combined background knowledge and lecture with lots of hands-on experience. I felt very confident that I knew how to properly handle a variety of different 22 and 9mm handguns. I would highly recommend it to all my friends, both female and male. I hope to take more training in the future!
~ Carrie
Carnation, WA
Excellent instruction! Clear, comprehensive and well-paced. Highly recommended.
~ Gary W.
North Bend, WA
50 years ago, when I was junior in a NRA marksmanship program in NYC, I felt it was pretty special to be involved with firearms-and took it very seriously. So now that i feel it's a good idea to have some home safety(and the caliber goes from 22 to 40 or 45-haven't decided) and the lethal factor is even greater, I wanted to know some basics. I thought-"All day, they have got to be kidding or retarded". The day flew by and had something of excellent value from start to finish. I now feel like I am a safe beginner. I feel like I won't accidentally or stupidly either hurt someone, myself or even ask too dopey a question as I get better and learn more. The faculty was uniformly great. The facility is unreal. It apparently won a 5 star rating. English translation-clean, professional, no stink of gun smoke, great ventilation and a/c, and safety safety safety. Unfortunately for my pocketbook, I feel Ike I want to get back to target shooting, and learn more-oops a whole new (newly rekindled) hobby!!!! Thanks insight and west coast armory.
~ Irving
Seattle, WA
Why I took the Basic Handgun Safety class for Women. My hands were shaking with my first encounter with a .22 Revolver and I don't believe I even hit the target with the first 3 bullets I was allocated. I grew up with guns in the house and I was sternly taught to stay away from them. With the gentle and highly professional guidance of our instructor Kristina and our coach Libby, I tried various calibers and by the end of the class, I was shooting a .357 Magnum. Now, ladies, I don't think I hit the target with that either. But, I'm going back and taming that monster of a puppy and this time, I will hit the bulls eye! Like my father, who won many sharp shooting awards. I too want to see if I have the ability to successfully compete on a pistol league. As a mom who is 58 years young with a 25 year old son, target shooting will provide us with something in common and endless hours of topics for discussion and range enjoyment. Insights Training Center, is a highly professional and clean facility where safety is of utmost importance and an individual can receive exceptional and sustainable safety training. Many thanks goes out to Kristina and her coach Libby. Their professionalism, patience, and kindness were most appreciated.
~ Raye S.
Kirkland, WA
I recently completed Basic Handgun Safety & Responsibility, the all-day Saturday class. As a new gun owner and new to pistol shooting, I found this class to be invaluable. We got to practice loading, shooting, and cleaning all types of revolvers and semi-automatics. Shooting practice was interspersed with lectures on gun laws and safety. This is an indispensible class for any gun owner.
~ CC
Seattle, WA
I thought the Utah CC class was very informative - the instruction was top notch. I thought that it was going to be dry and boring and just a "get thru it" class - but it was anything but! The instructor knew what he was talking about - and was funny and entertaining at times when it was appropriate. Great class!
~ Greg Weld
Bellevue, WA
I thought the utah cwp class was very good, the instuctors where VERY knowledgable. I would recommend this class to everyone.
~ Aaron Bell
Eatonville, WA
I took defensive folding knife training and was seriously impressed by the professionalism and knowledge of the instructors and how they made the class very fun and comfortable for all. I really appreciate how in depth we went into the legalities of self defense. I am highly recommending insights training to my friends.
~ Craig Sigl
Kirkland, WA
I got my Utah CPL class from Insights Training Center recently. The information I got was well structured and easy to remember. Even though it was a 4 hour class, it didn't seem to take a toll on us. We had a lot of fun and gained some helpful knowledge. The overall experience was very enlightening.
~ Vince
Mercer Island, WA
You guys did just great. Being a firearm veteran I was not disappointed. You can be proud. I want to come and take a two day course on defensive handgun. We're going to AZ 12-28, so it'll have to wait til next year. The above (gmail) is a new email. Take note.
~ Phil Brackenbury
Richland, WA
I had the honor of attending Close Quarter confrontations. It was one of the most relevant and impressive courses I have ever attended. The instructors and course material were on point and can be used by everyone from concealed carriers to LEOs. Very well done!
~ Craig G.
Yakima PD, WA
Hello Stephanie, I wanted to thank you and your team for an excellent 2 days of training this past weekend. John and John were both very patient with me and the other students as we needed to be "reminded" on the proper form and procedures we needed to follow to be better shooters. I learned more in 2 days than I have in 40 years of shooting on my own. I will be signing up for my next class very soon but i want to practice all the new shooting techniques I was already given before i add even more. Thank you for a very professional and FUN class. Randy McCurdy
~ Randy McCurdy
Sequim, WA
I took the Insights Training Unarmed Self Defense course based out of the Bellevue, WA office. You can call Stephanie Herns and she will be glad to share with you about it. It is extremely helpful in many ways. First you learn training similar to what the Green Berets get. You get to learn what to do with your body in all kinds of different scenarios, and it is especially simple, not complicated in the least. Having a threat in front of you, from your backside, or while you may be on the ground, you learn that you have some amazing weapons that can incapacitate someone who you may not be able to deter from messing with you. Before I took the class, I didn't know how deadly these "weapons" are that we all have. And in your use of them, you aren't going to hurt these "weapons" of yours. They are pretty durable. You learn all kinds of ways to avoid confrontation. Any time you are able to avoid having to fight someone, no matter what you have to do, it's a combat victory for you. Otherwise, the other person is going to be badly hurt, because you aren't going to stop, you will be relentless because it is either you or them. They want to hurt you, and you aren't going to let that happen without them feeling pain. You hope they will change their mind before you have to hurt them "all the way" bad. It may come to that! It is called "self defense". We have a right to defend ourselves. You learn a consciousness that is invaluable. It goes from being aware ALL OF THE TIME, to monitoring possible problems, being able to deescalate them before they may go too far, recognizing when a confrontation is unavoidable, how you can prepare so as to have a greater advantage (fool them, or lull them into a false sense of security), when to get involved and when you don't have to, and how to use your body language, and especially your WORDS. The use of words is by far the easiest thing that can be done, and was probably the most eye opening and powerful part of the course for me. Our words can very easily diffuse a problem completely before it gets too much momentum. This class is great for all people to take, but especially would be good for all women and children, given the abuse that is commonplace, based on ego, power trips, family and other dysfunction, that is rammpant in our world. If you are being abused by anyone in any way, I recommend this class. You can't any longer allow that to happen, and you don't have to. Fly to one of the cities if you have to and take this class. This class is a great equalizer in the case where one is confronting someone bigger and stronger. It is a confidence builder. It enabled me to take a good look at how I had been living my life. Mine will never be the same. I'm very grateful to have been able to find out about this. I was glad to be able to share the opportunity with someone that I care about. And it only took two days? I will probably take it again, but having the consciousness is what is the most important thing, and I've got that right now. Being comfortable with, and getting used to being able to speak up, the right words at the right time, may seem like a little thing for many, but it was and is a very big thing that everyone needs to be able to do. We are the boss when it comes to what is going to happen to ourselves, to our family and/or to our property. It feels good to know that we can back ourselves up with action and/or cunning and/or words, that we can have a definite plan that we can pursue, if we are forced into it.
~ Paul Timo
Renton, WA
I highly recommend the Insights Training in Bellevue.The instructor was exceptionally knowledgeable and highly organized.The paperwork was prepared for us in a timely manner. I look forward to receiving my Utah permit.
~ Vince Standing Deer
Bellevue, WA
This past weekend I took the unarmed self defense class, and I truly feel like a different person. It has given me not only peace of mind, but a new awareness and confidence in my ability to keep myself and my family safe. There are no words that can truly express my gratitude for this class and the amazing instructors who taught me. Thank you doesn't even scratch the surface of how I feel. I am excited to take more classes in the future to further my skills. I recommend this class to everyone I know and meet.
~ Ashley DeLatour
Kirkland, WA
Great course and excellent instructors. I enjoyed it and learned a lot. See you again soon.
~ Keeton Zachary
Renton, WA
I took the Basic Handgun Class for women and it was amazing. I had one prior experience with guns that left me terrified and I was very apprehensive of the class. I was so pleasantly surprised by the encouraging and supportive attitude of the instructor and her assistant!! I actually broke down in the first shooting session due to recall of my previous experience and did not think I could finish. But the assistant was very supportive and helped me through, while not pressuring me to do more than what I was willing to. By the end of the class I was able to shoot any of the guns and I was much more comfortable with my husband's idea of getting a gun. The class is well worth the money and the time. You get to try on a lot of guns (I think about 18) and take your time to get used with them. It alternated class time with shooting time (4 shooting sessions). The class was very informative and very well taught. I would strongly recommend it to any woman that is considering a gun or just wants to be more comfortable around guns. The shooting range felt very safe. I plan to take more classes at this facility and likely practice in this shooting range when we get a gun.
~ Luminita
Bothell, WA
I have had three classes now; Utah CFP, General Defensive Handgun, and Close Quarters Confrontations. Each had a different instructor, but each one was well versed in his subject. What keeps bringing me back is the professionalism of the instructors. I particularly appreciate their emphasis on your personal responsibility if you choose to carry a weapon. After each course, I feel as if I have learned things that I should have already known. And the techniques are taught in a way that makes them easy to incorporate in your life. Of special mention is John Holschen, the instructor for CQC. He has adopted his vast knowledge of self defense to a few simple moves that can be learned by novices, but seem quite useful for anyone of any skill level. And his patient, methodical instruction is very effective. It has been many years since I had instruction in handguns and self defense. These courses were great. And the next one on the schedule is Intensive Handgun Skills.
~ Leon Robert
Bellevue, WA
Just finished the three day Intensive Handgun Skills. Greg is one of the best instructors ever. He is very professional, and explains things simply and clearly. I am not a marksman. I have bad eyesight. But now I can often hit the Bullseye. And when I do, I know its not an accident. When I miss I can often tell what went wrong. Even better, I can see it going wrong and fix it before the trigger pull is finished. The class was lots of fun. This is my fourth class with Insights.
~ Leon Robert
Bainbridge Island, WA