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LE Handgun Retention & Disarming Instructor

The intent of this course is to provide instructors with the knowledge and skills to provide Handgun Retention and Disarming training to their departments. This course will teach you to present a simple, non-diagnostic and extremely effective handgun retention system.

InSights Training Center Instructors John Holschen and Greg Hamilton have taken their practical individual experience and together, spent the past six years developing a combat system that works. The problem with most systems is there are too many decisions to make in too small a time period. The InSights Combatives System works because it is simple, can be used regardless of size or strength, and is devastating. The saying goes "Beware of the man with one gun." We say, BEWARE OF THE INDIVIDUAL WITH ONE COMBAT SYSTEM! The person who knows without hesitation exactly what he is going to do in any armed or unarmed conflict. In this course you will become such a person.

The InSights System:

  • Begins before your assailant has his hands on your weapon and works to prevent the attack.
  • Does not require you to diagnose the attack, and select a specific retention technique before you can prevent the disarm.
  • Works from the ground, teaching you how to retain your weapon from there and how to fight your way back up.
  • Includes both lethal and nonlethal retention techniques, and the understanding of when to use each.
  • Shows you how to fight your way out of a contact distance confrontation.
  • Teaches you how to disarm an opponent of their handgun from almost any position with one technique.

Many of the techniques taught in the InSights Training Center's Combatives System are outlawed in all fighting competitions including the so-called no-holds-barred fights. They are outlawed because they are too devastating. The goal of competition fighting is to win without anyone getting killed or crippled. In real life combat your opponent is trying to kill or cripple you; to be victorious you must respond with a combat system that reflects that reality.

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Required Equipment:

Sturdy belt holster and belt, Sturdy leather gloves, Soft elbow/knee pads (no hard plastic.), Dummy handgun (we have some models), Mouth guard and cup

Dates & Locations

There are currently no scheduled dates for this course. Please contact us if you would like to schedule or host a class.

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