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InSights Bug Gun Class

Greg Hamilton is teaching a special class focusing on small carry guns such as the very popular Sig Sauer P238 and Ruger LCP.  The class is Sunday, May 8th at West Coast Armory in Bellevue, and the details are available here.  Cost is only $200, so sign up now!  Here’s the course description:

In a gunfight no one would deny it would be best to have a full sized handgun in an easy to draw from holster, or even better to have a rifle in the hand!

Reality forces us to carry smaller guns and to wear them in deep concealment locations. The vast majority of self defense firearms training revolve around a person drawing a full sized handgun from an easy to access belt holster. NOT the reality many people find themselves in daily. This class confronts the reality of carry handguns and carry options, and the compromises most people have to make to carry daily.

We will explore fanny packs, “SmartCarry” / “Thunderwear”, ankle holsters, pocket holsters both in pants pockets and in jacket pockets, shirt holsters like Kramer Leather’s or 5.11’s, off body carry like day planners, purses, etc.

Enroll now!

Intensive Handgun Skills AAR

At Shooting Illustrated, there is a review of the InSights Intensive Handgun Skills class.

Picking a gun for self-defense part 2

In part one of the series, we looked at the benefit of having a professional instructor guide a new shooter through their options when selecting a firearm for self defense.  A class like InSights Basic Handgun, where a shooter can try a multitude of different firearms is a huge benefit, as it allows them to experience and learn what different action types are like. Click here to read more »

Pick the right gun

One of the most oft-repeated saws from firearms experts and trainers is that people shouldn’t buy a gun for self-defense without first renting and trying several different types of guns.  While it’s a good thought, the issue is that many newbies simply don’t know what makes a gun good or not. Click here to read more »

AAR: General Defensive Handgun 5/8/2010

This weekend, we conducted our two day General Defensive Handgun course. The purpose of this course is to provide students with the necessary foundation to be successful in a violent lethal force confrontation. Throughout the course we emphasize the point that a superior combat mindset is most important for a successful outcome.

To this end, GDH is not just a repackaged LE or Military combat arms course. It is built around the Priorities of Survival (Mental Conditioning, Tactics, Skill, and Equipment). While there is a ton of shooting and skill development, we spend a considerable amount of time discussing mindset, tactics, legalities, wound ballistics and scenarios in an effort to sharpen the mind and properly prepare for the stress of a violent lethal force confrontation. Our desire is to provide students with the complete package, not only physical skill development. Click here to read more »