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Intermediate Defensive Rifle Video

Hi Gang! Check out the latest video we’ve posted on YouTube! This video represents the Intermediate Defensive Rifle course offered at InSights Training Center. Click here to read more »

Close Quarters Confrontations (CQC)

This coming weekend (April 22-24) I’ll be teaching one of my favorite
classes – Close Quarters Confrontations (CQC).

If you haven’t taken this course you should consider joining us for a truly unique and pertinent addition to your defensive skill set. Click here to read more »

InSights Instructor Mike Warsocki in the news!

That is why Terri was one of a handful of student who recently completed a weekend-long defensive handgun training course hosted by the West Shore Sportsmen’s Association in Fairview Township, York County.

This particular course was run by Mike Warsocki, of the Insights Training Center, which is based out of Washington State.

Warsocki is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel with over 23 years of active duty. And it shows. His handgun is more like an extension of the highly-trained weapon that is his body, and he gives commands to his students like their lives are on the line. The fact of the matter is, someday, they might be. Click here to read more »

Announcing Basic Long Gun Safety and Responsibility

Due to the popularity of our Basic Handgun course we figured there might be a lot of people interested a similar class that covers rifles and shotguns.

Basic Long Gun Safety and Responsibility
In this class, you will learn to handle rifles and shotguns safely, load and unload them properly, shoot accurately, understand the laws concerning their use and ownership, and make a more informed decision as to whether you want to own a firearm. Click here to read more »

InSights shooting leagues

I have been a little remiss in getting this info out, but the InSights shooting league has started back up. This is a good opportunity to tune up your skills for very little money.

Level 1 focuses on the basics of marksmanship and safety, while Level 2 is more of a defensive shooting course of fire.

The shooting leagues are great way to get some coaching, evaluate your skills, and improve your shooting inexpensively. It’s less expensive than renting a lane, you get feedback from professional coaches, and you can win prizes.