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Caleb Giddings on Defensive Folding Knife at InSights Traning Center

Check out the article about our Defensive Folding Knife classes posted the other day on Gun Nuts Media. Click here to read more »

Intermediate Defensive Rifle Video

Hi Gang! Check out the latest video we’ve posted on YouTube! This video represents the Intermediate Defensive Rifle course offered at InSights Training Center. Click here to read more »

AAR – Intermediate Defensive Rifle 7/29/2011

This weekend, we hosted another Intermediate Defensive Rifle course in Ravensdale, WA at Cascade Shooting Facilities.  The course went well, mainly due to the outstanding people who showed up and worked really hard all weekend.  The course was mostly regular folks with a couple of action and former action guys mixed in.

IDR is a three day course, and in the past a large focus has been on extended range shooting with a carbine.  Due to the schedule at the range, we were not able to secure the 600 yard range.  As a result, we spent all three days on the 200 yard range.  While we missed some of what we have done in years past, we were able to more fully develop some of the gun-handling, movement and teamwork tactics and skills from previous years.  At the end of the weekend, no one felt short changed.

Day 1 was a beautiful sunny day in the high 70s.  After a discussion of the Universal Firearms Handling Rules, we hit the range hard.   Much of the first day is a review of our General Defensive Rifle class.  We spent most of the morning working on our shooting platform.  I find that most students work hard trying to mimic the instructor.  Unfortunately, the stance they incorporate may look similar to what the instructor is doing, but most people do not activate their muscles correctly, and the result is a platform that looks kind of correct but does not allow for true accuracy and speed.  We worked on some specific drills throughout the course that helped ensure that students understood how to correctly energize their body and drive the weapon system hard. Click here to read more »

InSights Bug Gun Class

Greg Hamilton is teaching a special class focusing on small carry guns such as the very popular Sig Sauer P238 and Ruger LCP.  The class is Sunday, May 8th at West Coast Armory in Bellevue, and the details are available here.  Cost is only $200, so sign up now!  Here’s the course description:

In a gunfight no one would deny it would be best to have a full sized handgun in an easy to draw from holster, or even better to have a rifle in the hand!

Reality forces us to carry smaller guns and to wear them in deep concealment locations. The vast majority of self defense firearms training revolve around a person drawing a full sized handgun from an easy to access belt holster. NOT the reality many people find themselves in daily. This class confronts the reality of carry handguns and carry options, and the compromises most people have to make to carry daily.

We will explore fanny packs, “SmartCarry” / “Thunderwear”, ankle holsters, pocket holsters both in pants pockets and in jacket pockets, shirt holsters like Kramer Leather’s or 5.11’s, off body carry like day planners, purses, etc.

Enroll now!

Gear isn’t training

I recently returned from the NRA Annual Meetings, and it was an excellent show as usual.  As has been noted, the trend in gear seems to be towards tactical/concealed carry markets, which is a great thing in my opinion.  However, I did want to talk about a particular marketing technique that is concerning because it creates a mindset that could put your life in jeopardy at a critical moment.

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