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AAR – Intermediate Defensive Rifle 7/29/2011

This weekend, we hosted another Intermediate Defensive Rifle course in Ravensdale, WA at Cascade Shooting Facilities.  The course went well, mainly due to the outstanding people who showed up and worked really hard all weekend.  The course was mostly regular folks with a couple of action and former action guys mixed in.

IDR is a three day course, and in the past a large focus has been on extended range shooting with a carbine.  Due to the schedule at the range, we were not able to secure the 600 yard range.  As a result, we spent all three days on the 200 yard range.  While we missed some of what we have done in years past, we were able to more fully develop some of the gun-handling, movement and teamwork tactics and skills from previous years.  At the end of the weekend, no one felt short changed.

Day 1 was a beautiful sunny day in the high 70s.  After a discussion of the Universal Firearms Handling Rules, we hit the range hard.   Much of the first day is a review of our General Defensive Rifle class.  We spent most of the morning working on our shooting platform.  I find that most students work hard trying to mimic the instructor.  Unfortunately, the stance they incorporate may look similar to what the instructor is doing, but most people do not activate their muscles correctly, and the result is a platform that looks kind of correct but does not allow for true accuracy and speed.  We worked on some specific drills throughout the course that helped ensure that students understood how to correctly energize their body and drive the weapon system hard. Click here to read more »

AAR – Intermediate Defensive Rifle 7/30/2010

Last weekend, we conducted our 3 day Intermediate Defensive Rifle course at Cascade Shooting Facilities in Ravensdale, WA. We had three beautiful summer days with overcast skies each morning and sunny afternoons in the 80s.

The course was a mix of people: private citizens, law enforcement, and military. I had several returning students. For a couple students this was their third year in a row. It was a great mix of people and everyone had a positive attitude and worked hard. We had 17 students and then several of our instructors came out to shoot the course. In total, I had 24 shooters. Click here to read more »

AAR: General Defensive Rifle 6/26/2010

We conducted our two day General Defensive Rifle Course in Ravensdale, WA at Cascade Shooting Facilities on June 26 and 27.  This is a great facility that we use for our Intermediate Defensive Rifle course and more advanced handgun courses, but it is the first time we used it for GDR.

Both days we had perfect weather (there is no better place than the Pacific Northwest in the summer).  In the mornings it was slightly cloudy and then sunny in the afternoons with highs in the 70s.

The class was mostly regular folks with one cop and a sailor.  There was a mix of experience and skill.  Some folks were new to defensive rifle work and others came to the course with an excellent foundation of skill. Click here to read more »

Announcing Basic Long Gun Safety and Responsibility

Due to the popularity of our Basic Handgun course we figured there might be a lot of people interested a similar class that covers rifles and shotguns.

Basic Long Gun Safety and Responsibility
In this class, you will learn to handle rifles and shotguns safely, load and unload them properly, shoot accurately, understand the laws concerning their use and ownership, and make a more informed decision as to whether you want to own a firearm. Click here to read more »

Selecting Equipment

Over the next couple of weeks I will make a series of posts related to equipment. For many, this is our favorite topic and what we spend the majority of our time focused on. For those of us that are serious about training for a violent confrontation, whether military, law enforcement, or a private citizen, we must realize that WHAT we use is not nearly as important as how and when we use it.

What we find in our courses is that equipment related problems slow down the pace of training and make learning more difficult. Many students spent much of their time on the line fighting their equipment rather than learning. One of the benefits of a formal training course is that you get to work out the kinks in your equipment selection. You will learn quickly if your gear sucks. Unfortunately, you may spend the rest of your time fighting equipment rather than learning to fight bad guys. Click here to read more »