It is important for the operator to carry a secondary magazine that one can readily use for reloads. Not because we think your private citizen self defense gun fight will be more than 15 rounds, but because ammunition and magazines are the least reliable part of the weapon system. And you just don’t know what will happen in YOUR violent confrontation.

A belt mounted magazine pouch on your support side is an important part of your kit. There are many manufacturers that make serviceable pouches and the quality of magazine pouch is not as important as the quality of the holster.

Both the single and double mag pouches from Kramer are excellent and a good choice for people that like their gear to be consistent. The only issue with Kramer is that the pouch extends too high on the magazine wall. For Glock 19 shooters this is avoided by specifying you want Glock 26 mag pouches.

Blade-Tech and many other Kydex makers offer excellent pouches at an affordable price. Just make sure that the pouch does not ride to low on the belt line. Attachments methods such as the Tek-Lok while great for a duty belt, push the pouch away from the body making it more difficult to conceal.

My favorite single magazine pouch is the Galco High-Ride. One problem I have found with many magazine pouches is that the bottom of the pouch sits well below the belt line. This is a non issue if you use a belt scabbard holster, but if you carry IWB, then the magazine pouch ends up riding lower that the holster. The High-Ride is made so the bottom of the pouch/magazine sits even with the belt. This aids in concealment.

For concealed carry, a single magazine pouch should be more than enough. But for training, two mag pouches are a minimum. Three or four magazine pouches would be better. Use the additionally pouches as a place to stage magazines and then back fill your carry pouch as needed. This will make your training, particularly in a high round count class like Intensive Handgun Skills much more enjoyable.