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20-25% Off Folding Knife Classes

Knife students new and old save on February’s featured classes

Save 25% if you take both Defensive Folding Knife I and Defensive Folding Knife II, February 27-March 1. Previous DFK I students save 20% on DFK II.*

DFK I teaches you how to use a Spyderco-style pocketknife as a superb standalone self defense tool and an excellent companion to firearms, pepper spray, and other defensive tools in your family’s layered personal protection plan. Most small pocketknives can be carried in any State and in most foreign countries. If you can’t have your handgun, have your knife!

Then, in DFK II, learn how to counter multiple attackers, armed opponents, and fights on the ground. This class only comes around every other year. Save 25% if you sign up for both DFK I and DFK II, 2/27-3/1. Students who have already taken DFK I can save 20% on DFK II. Register today at InSightsTraining.com.

*20-25% discount cannot be combined with any other specials or discounts. To register, call 425.827.2552 or 888.958.0884.

And get ready for Close Quarters Confrontations, March 6-8

CQC is another class that we only offer every other year. You will learn a full unarmed combat system and an integrated firearms combat system so that you can respond with the right answer quickly in a close distance situation. This action-packed 3-day class runs March 6-8. The only prerequisite is General Defensive Handgun. Learn more and register at InSightsTraining.com.

New Spy Kids Class at InSights Training Center

InSights Training Center + Kids = Spy Kids Class!

Well, okay, we’re not actually turning them into spies. But Kids Safety School is a cool, new 3-hour class to teach your kids safety and situational awareness. There are no guns or weapons involved, just confidence building and empowerment taught in a warm and caring environment. Through a series of games, drills, and discussions, your children will learn how to recognize potential dangers and get to safety.

Here are some skills we will cover:

  • Noticing patterns and what affects patterns: part of safety awareness is spotting things that don’t fit
  • Memorization: remember details, remember a safety plan, and more
  • Agility: channel that boundless energy into physical skills
  • Assertiveness: how to take charge of themselves when it’s time to act

And here are some drills we will cover:

  • Personal Space: learn to maintain it and what to do if someone tries to take you
  • How to move efficiently through crowded areas
  • Designing emergency response plans with their parents: fire, natural disasters, intruder situations
  • Parking Lot Safety: getting from car to building and back again
  • Run/Hide/Fight: explain when and where to run, best tactics for hiding, and worst case scenario–having to fight

Learn to be safe, and have fun at the same time — this class is a must for every parent and their child. Parental participation is a must, and we guarantee the grownups will learn just as much as the kids! This 3-hour class is aimed at children aged 5 to 10. Price is $75 for parent and 1 child, $20 for each additional child (bring payment for additional children to class).

Classes are already filling up fast, so stay tuned for more dates. See the latest dates and information at InSightsTraining.com.

New One-Day Classes for the New Year

InSights has added some targeted one-day classes to the schedule for 2015. Whether you are looking to fill a particular niche, or just can’t fit a two-day class into your busy life, check out what we have here.

New 1-day Semi-auto Handgun Class
If you have taken Basic Handgun or Handgun Safety and Marksmanship and want to get more familiar with your gun before General Defensive Handgun, take a look at Handgun Fundamentals. This class helps you get more comfortable with your semi-auto. We will review handgun safety and the fundamentals of marksmanship, and we will work on loading and unloading, unholstering and holstering, ready positions, clearing malfunctions, and we will cover recommended gear. This class will ensure that your handling skills are ready for GDH, and it is also a great way to break in a new gun.

Required equipment: Semi-automatic pistol and two magazines (minimum), 200 rounds of FMJ brass-cased ammunition (no steel or aluminum cased or steel jacketed), hearing and eye protection, holster and mag pouch for your model of gun.  A Blade-tech or similar Kydex OWB holster is a good start. NO Blackhawk Serpa holsters allowed. We have some Glock holsters/pouches available for loan if you are shooting a Glock. A CPL or documentation of good character is also required.

New 1-day Handgun Competition Class
Competitive shooting is a great way to work on speed and accuracy under stress — but there is a learning curve. Handgun Competition Prep will help you get started in USPSA or IDPA pistol competition. We will review handgun safety and teach you the range procedures specific to competition ranges — such as loading and unloading, and hot and cold ranges. We will practice movement and barricade shooting. We will familiarize you with rules, scoring, reading the results, and we will shoot various classifiers. Gear will be discussed in regards to each division for competition shooting. We recommend that the student read current USPSA and IDPA rule books prior to class (but not required). This action-packed one-day class will get you ready to have a safe, successful, and fun day at the match.

Required equipment:  Full-size handgun with a minimum of three magazines, 300 rounds of factory brass-cased FMJ ammunition, rigid OWB Kydex-style holster that will work for training, minimum of two magazine pouches, hearing and eye protection.

New 1-day Revolver Class
Revolver Fundamentals helps you get familiar with your wheel gun. Semi-autos may hog the spotlight but revolvers can be tough, reliable guns for carry or home defense. We will review handgun safety and the fundamentals of marksmanship, and work on loading and unloading, unholstering and holstering, ready positions, and discuss recommended gear.

Required equipment: Modern revolver (no cowboy-style single action guns), 200 rounds of FMJ brass-cased ammunition (no steel or aluminum cased or steel jacketed), 2 speed loaders or speed strips (minimum), holster for your model of gun, speed loader
pouch/speed strip holder, hearing and eye protection. A CPL or documentation of good character is also required.

New 1-day Rifle Class
And we didn’t forget about rifles. Whether you are new to AR-15’s or just want to break in your new rifle, AR-15 Fundamentals is for you. We will cover firearms safety and the fundamentals of marksmanship, AR-15 function and nomenclature, sights and zeroing, loading and unloading, ready positions, clearing malfunctions, as well as cleaning and maintenance. This class is also a great way to get tuned up for General Defensive Rifle.

Required equipment: AR-15 rifle, two magazines (minimum), 200 rounds of FMJ brass-cased ammunition (no steel case or steel core), sling (basic military-style 2-point sling is fine), hearing and eye protection. A CPL or documentation of good character is also required.

Visit our website, InSightsTraining.com, to get more information and the latest dates for these fun new classes. Stay safe, and we’ll see you at the range!

Value in Tactics

If you’ve trained with InSights, you understand our focus on tactics. Tactics are far more important than Skill or Equipment and, in fact, are only second to Mindset.

Most of our students have moved beyond thinking that the equipment (gun, knife, pepper spray, etc) is what will make the difference between winning and losing. They realize that equipment alone, without the knowledge and skill to effectively use it, is no guarantee of a successful outcome. Thus, tactics emerges as the true deciding factor of how a defensive encounter will end.

Realize, however, that both sides of the confrontation are employing tactics and that the bad guys may be well practiced in theirs.

Because most tactics don’t lend themselves to be taught via a blog post or Facebook page, we’re going to focus on the objective of tactics instead.

A quote many of our students have likely heard while training with us, is “you don’t win gunfights by shooting the other guy… you win gunfights by not getting shot.” The overall objective of tactics is to minimize the assailant’s ability to harm you while maximizing your ability to bring to bear on him the force necessary cause him to break off his attack.

If the threat stops with awareness and avoidance tactics, that’s the best outcome you can ask for… frankly, it’s ideal! If, however, it involves de-escalation and/or eventual disengagement (the disengagement phase includes unarmed or armed physical force), then the tactics behind your layered personal protection system become invaluable.

The more you can shift the advantage toward your favor, the greater position you’re in to achieve a successful outcome. So, instead of spending all your energy trying to decide what gun in what caliber you should carry for self defense… train in tactics, and then leverage them to your greatest advantage.

Stay Safe!

Content by John Holschen
Written by Doug Marcoux

Drawing from Concealment

Tactical Moment

You may have seen the Tactical Moment video series on Guns & Tactics Magazine, which features John Holschen demonstrating personal defense skills and techniques which may prove useful in a life-threatening situation or attack. John does a great job of presenting accurate information which gives viewers a glimpse into the training available here at InSights Training Center.

In the previous episode, John demonstrated how to draw from concealment when wearing a front-opening garment. In the latest episode, he demonstrates a technique for drawing from concealment when wearing a bottom-opening garment.

Tactical Moment is filmed on location at http://www.westcoastarmory.com

Tactical Moment on Facebook: https://facebook.com/tacticalmoment

Visit http://www.gunsandtactics.tv or more videos!